Affiliate Application

At Infinity Nutrition, we sponsor people that are passionate about fitness and share the same philosophies. 


We seek people from every background. This includes military service, swimming, running, weight training, and cycling.


What are the characteristics of an Infinity Nutrition affiliate?

  • Work Ethic
  • Humble
  • Passionate
  • Lives Beyond Limits

What are some of the benefits of being an affiliate?

  • Free or discount supplements depending on your level of affiliation
  • Insider deals you can share with your friends
  • Test new brands
  • Exposure on our social media outlets
  • You will be surrounded by a team

What do you do as an Infinity Nutrition Affiliate?

  • Social Media Posts
  • Give your friends deals
  • Talk about us

Please answer the following questions to apply.

  • How often do you workout?
  • Where do you workout?
  • Instagram username if applicable.
  • In one sentence, why do you love fitness?